Episode 4 - Into the Wild

If your pet could talk what would they say? Feed me? Walk me? Maybe they’re a secret spy?

We go Into the Wild in this episode to get breaking news on a monster rampaging through the school, and imagine the conversations our pets would have if they could talk.

Real-life veterinarian Yvette Berkeley drops in and reveals why she cares for animals, and the animal she’d most like to be.

Listen and tell your friends. Who knows, you might end up learning something!

Drop us a line at playgroundtalespodcast@gmail.com

Playground Tales team:
Students in Grades 4, 5 and 6 at Winters Flat Primary School, Castlemaine
Producer – Anne-Marie Middlemast
Mix engineer – Casey Rice
Artwork – Justine Henry
Music – Podington Bear
Sound effects – Zapsplat
Brains trust – Jane Curtis

Thanks to Yvette Berkeley, the real-life veterinarian from Castlemaine Veterinary Clinic who stopped by Winters Flat Primary School to answer questions from students about her work caring for animals.  

We're sending good vibes to Lisa Taylor, producer of Pod Squad, another amazing podcast by primary school students at Glenmore Road Public School in New South Wales for her kind guidance and wise advice.


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